Robotic Process Automation

Why InterImage for RPA

Leading the Way in RPA

Here are five compelling reasons to partner with InterImage for your first or next RPA project.

  1. BPM experience. Our 20+ years of business process management (BPM) experience is critical to the effective implementation of RPA. By applying BPM to analyze operations, map processes, and track performance, we can help you quickly identify the best opportunities for RPA applications.
  2. RPA Innovation Lab. We operate an RPA Innovation Lab, where we leverage RPA technology to bring business benefits to our clients. As part of this creative and collaborative process, we test concepts and approaches to solve challenging customer requirements. Being a UiPath Gold Partner, we have all UiPath RPA products installed in the lab.
  3. Internal RPA use. We use RPA to manage our own corporate business processes. This firsthand experience helps us build product knowledge and expertise throughout the company and provides invaluable experience in applying RPA to solve your business problems.
  4. Domain expertise. Our expertise in critical domains—including defense, intelligence, transportation, law enforcement, and health care—lets us understand your specific mission requirements. As a result, we can help you quickly and cost-effectively implement RPA in areas that have the most significant mission impact.
  5. Positive ROI for clients. We have a history of implementing RPA solutions for Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation and others departments that quickly deliver a positive ROI for our clients. We can apply this real-world experience and expertise to help your organization get the most out of RPA.


Click here to download our RPA Statement of Capabilities.