Robotic Process Automation

RPA Opportunities in Government

Domains that Deliver Value

The Chief Information Officers Council identified five domains as offering significant opportunities for Federal agencies to enhance operations with RPA tools. InterImage has deployed bots in each of these domains as well as others:

Acquisition and Procurement 

RPA bots can automate many of the repetitive acquisition and procurement processes and activities such as managing procurement requests; quote, invoice, and contract management; work order management; returns processing; and vendor analysis.

Customer Service

RPA bots can automate many of the traditional customer service processes and activities such as contact and call center processes; automated updates to customer profiles; billing and order processing; automated notifications; and integrated data processing across multiple intake channels.

Finance and Accounting

RPA bots can automate finance and accounting processes such as reconciliations and appeals processes; claims and chargeback processing; expense payments; returns management; grants management and funds distributions; reporting and financial auditing; and inventory processing.

Human Resources 

HR functions that can be automated with RPA bots include payroll processing, benefits management, education and training, recruitment, and onboarding tools. These bots allow employees to access enterprise-wide self-service HR features and save time, provide greater consistency of experience, and improve transparency and workflow.

IT Management

RPA bots can automate IT processes such as application, infrastructure, and network monitoring; folder, file, and records management; user and directory management; automated forms development; email processing and distribution; and security and compliance processing.¹

¹ CIO Council. Innovation White Paper: Robotic Process Automation in Federal Agencies