Robotic Process Automation

Immediate ROI

InterImage delivers robotic process automation (RPA) solutions that increase speed, improve efficiency, achieve better accuracy, and reduce costs. Our proven RPA solutions, which leverage software robots to rapidly automate mundane and repetitive tasks, can make an immediate impact on your operations with minimal investment and no disruption to your underlying systems.      

RPA is especially relevant to modern government. The President’s Management Agenda established a goal of shifting time, effort, and resources from low-value repetitive administrative tasks to high-value work focused on mission outcomes. RPA helps you do just that.

Robotic Process Automation in Federal Agencies, a CIO Council whitepaper, identified five domains that are ideal for RPA. The report also stated that good candidates for RPA tend to be:

  • Static rules-based processes, requiring minimal human input or decision making
  • Repetitive in nature
  • Tasks that can be performed during off-peak hours
  • Data-driven and involve data manipulation
  • Prone to high error rates

Identifying the RPA use cases that will yield the most value can be daunting. Find out more about why InterImage is the right partner to guide you on your RPA journey

Case Study

Putting RPA to Work in the Federal Government

In 2019, InterImage built and successfully deployed more than 30 bots for government customers. These RPA bots are performing an array of tasks across five back-office support domains: finance and accounting, human resources, acquisition and procurement, customer service, and IT management. They also directly support mission activities.

With the largest team of certified RPA developers and practitioners serving the Federal government, InterImage has the experience to rapidly move your organization from idea to implementation.

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