InterImage has over 20 years’ experience in federal and commercial Business Process Management (BPM) and process automation. We have worked with BPM products – from which RPA emerged – since 2005. BPM is about mapping a process, tracking its performance, and identifying opportunities to improve performance, velocity, and efficiency. BPM is used to manage and streamline end-to-end processes through a variety of approaches to:

  • identify and clarify all the activities through a business process
  • outline the distinct workflows
  • identify the areas where workflows can be optimized and/or automated

As an extension of our BPM practice, InterImage has become a UiPath Gold Partner delivering RPA solutions to our customers. InterImage has licenses for all UiPath products installed in our RPA innovation lab which we use to test concepts and approaches to solve challenging requirements. We have begun introducing our current customers to RPA solutions for which they have numerous use cases, as well as automations for our internal business processes. After due diligence in assessing the RPA marketspace, we have selected UiPath as our preferred RPA solution.

UIPath Gold Partner