InterImage Boosts Rapid RPA Solutions to Meet Urgent Federal Customer Needs

WASHINGTON, June 2, 2020InterImage Inc., a leader in creative solutions for IT modernization and automated intelligent systems, today announced it is expanding its Robotic Process Automation offering to address some of the most urgent current needs of federal government customers facing critical challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. InterImage’s RPA solutions portfolio leverages its successful past performance in the deployment of software robots (bots) for a wide variety of government customers in partnership with UiPath, a global leader in smart RPA.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the surface urgent IT systems and operational challenges for federal government customers,” said Leslie Steele, CEO of InterImage. “Our background in business process engineering, combined with our expertise in automation solutions and modernization, give us an especially powerful toolkit from which we can draw to create effective, immediate, ROI-focused solutions for customers in any industry, but especially those affected by the crisis. We are extremely honored to be able to bring important solutions to our federal customers during such a critical time.”

Over the past two years, InterImage has built and successfully deployed more than 35 bots for an array of federal customers, including agencies throughout the departments of agriculture, treasury and transportation. The bots, which are developed in the company’s RPA Innovation Lab, directly support mission activities by automating mundane and repetitive tasks across five back-office support domains including finance and accounting, human resources, acquisition and procurement, customer service, IT management, and front office mission support. These automated solutions can have an immediate impact on operations, with minimal investment and no disruption to underlying systems.

“One of the biggest benefits we bring to customers due to our approach to RPA is immediate ROI because of the fast speed and low cost with which we can develop and effectively implement bots,” added Steele. “With just a small, highly skilled developer team, we can accomplish high-quality results in weeks or months, versus the six months or year it may take a larger consulting firm to achieve with dozens of people. We are helping the government get more of what it needs faster, when and where it counts. Not only is this vital right now, it should be considered for the future as a new paradigm for government IT and process improvement.”

To help federal customers tackle challenges related to COVID-19, InterImage has developed multiple RPA solutions that could be implemented quickly to minimize the impact of the pandemic on government operations, including:

  • Prioritizing COVID-19 Help Desk Response: Development of a bot to help employees automatically sift through and prioritize emails that may contain COVID-19 information by classifying emails that report suspected IT incidents, creating spreadsheet reports and sending information to the key stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • Securing COVID-19-related Cyber Threat Response: Deploying bots to automate cyber response to top cyber threats and automate security patching in order to ensure identification and syncing of data across shared tracking tools, applying patches on timely basis, and maintaining consistency of timely cyber threat responses.
  • Improving COVID-19 Telehealth Scheduling: Helping reduce the spread of infections in doctors’ offices by creating a bot to coordinate patient and physician interaction by communicating with patients and employees over email and syncing with data from back-end medical and human resource systems.

InterImage is a Gold Partner with UiPath, which is recognized as the top provider to government and commercial markets in RPA and associated artificial intelligence, machine learning and hyperautomation solutions.

To support its expanded RPA offering, InterImage is seeking qualified candidates to join its team in a variety of IT engineering roles in technology development areas such as RPA, Java, .Net and SharePoint. Please learn more at

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