Amches is Now Part of InterImage

On June 30th, 2021 Amches joined InterImage as a wholly owned subsidiary.  This is a strategic acquisition by InterImage.

InterImage is deep and broad in Agile software engineering, Business Process Support and RPA.  Amches deepens the InterImage Agile capability with Agile SAFe expertise, further expanding the scope of experience on which the company can draw as it supports its customers.  Where InterImage has breadth in Cyber Security, Amches brings true depth to the field in not only Cyber Security related systems engineering but also mission specific software development and Cyber Security Data Analysis.  The combination of the companies provides historical expertise in Machine Leaning and Artificial Intelligence supporting Federal Civilian and DOD data analysis as well in DOD Cyber Security.  The melding of the two company’s capabilities and experiences is not simply additive, it is genuinely synergistic. 

InterImage is very excited to engage customers with this increase in breadth and depth across our critical IT domain.