Reliably Achieve Outcomes Through Innovative Thinking and Implementation of Value-Enhancing Solutions

While customers typically go to market to buy services, what they are actually trying to achieve are solutions. For more than 20 years, InterImage has been providing best-class Information Technology solutions to its customers. We regularly address enterprise-wide challenges. A solution sought might be modernizing a mission-critical legacy system running on hardware and software versions long past vendor support, with no documentation and basic support systems. Or a solution might be in the goal of standing up an entirely new system to bring new capability to an agency or organization within an agency. As organizations face constant cyber security threat in the modern world, the need may be to identify and secure points of entry and to take action if and when an attack should occur. And for any modern enterprise or local environment to function, the network must remain transparently smooth and reliable. We provide robust solutions to all of these.

Our historically proven skills include deconstructing legacy systems, both hardware and software, and our depth of skill in working with the customer and systems users to identify the want, the need, and the workflow, allows us to cost-effectively craft the best solution. Our business analysis skills allow us to identify the components of an office or organization's workflow that most benefit from an IT solution. Consequently, our solutions provide real efficiency improvement in the day-to-day workplace without spending excessive amounts of limited cash resources on inconsequential functionality.

To perform at such a high level, we have over the years developed the suite of skills uniquely necessary. Our business analysis methodology is codified, reviewed, and evaluated to CMMI Level 3. As well, our software development teams are led by technical experts with SCRUM Master certifications. Our network and security staff have numerous and varied relevant certifications that speak to their training, experience, and the depth of their expertise.