Project Objectives

The goal of this project was to radically change the design, development, delivery, and support of operational support and information systems for our federal customer's headquarters and 80 field offices across the country. Strapped with 1970s methodologies, equipment, and processes, and restricted by archaic business rules and management practices, this IT organization defied traditional wisdom and plunged into re-engineering before it became fashionable among government agencies.

Outcomes and Achievement

Today, this agency's IT function is modern, responsive and flexible. It utilizes advanced technologies, implementing state-of-the-art innovations for field use quickly and efficiently. Its business customers are decision-makers in all application work through Joint Application Design and Rapid Application Development techniques. IT is now a key strategic component in agency planning and has established an information architecture for the total agency to improve data quality and access.

Our Approach

Using our business reengineering methodology, our consultants worked with the entire organization at all levels in a series of team-based facilitated projects. We conducted focus group and individual interviews to measure how IT was perceived by its internal customers and IT employees. We led the development of a new IT vision and helped each managerial unit translate that vision into unit-specific goals and action plans.

The focus for the first project phase was a blueprint for a new systems development life cycle based on information engineering principles, integrating business strategy and system planning. The implementation plan included all aspects of transformation, addressing nine dimensions of change: Business Processes, Enabling Technology, Job Positions and Organization Structure, Management Methods, Performance Measurement Systems, Reward Systems, Organization Culture, Political Power, and Individual Belief systems. In addition, a multi-phased detailed implementation plan for developing and rolling out the changes was delivered. This became the Assistant Director’s road map for multi-year transformation.

Subsequent projects included the reengineering of specific IT functions such as the technical help desk function, configuration control and network management.

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