Project Objectives

A mission-critical information management system for a new customer had experienced multiple implementation failures. Problems they had experienced included issues of scalability due to integration of data from disparate source. They had also been plagued with ongoing deployment challenges because the completion date was an endlessly moving target.

Our Approach

InterImage reviewed the driving business requirements and built and deployed new modules while the existing modules remained in the production environment. We established evaluation criteria for alternatives and evaluated multiple technical options with accompanying cost analysis. The ultimate solution was going to be complex because it had to coordinate with internal and external organizations, and significant new functionality was identified as critical and was not included in the original architecture created years earlier. We created all new functionality and modern interfaces. We rewrote multiple parts of the application to fit into the target architecture. The new code was extensible, scalable, and supportable. Additionally, InterImage implemented a web service to interface across other agency systems. We analyzed for the customer the current data management approach and defined a new path to a scalable data sharing environment. InterImage also specified a custom interface to both accelerate the data migration and achieve the migration in a smooth, orderly, and error-free manner. This was all made possible by an elegant architecture and well written/well tested code.


The customer’s mission critical data management problems were solved. They had a modern IT solution that is still robust and easy to maintain. The software was architected with future modernization in mind and the code is well documented. The customer was not dragged through a process of endless bug fixes and areas of working functionality that would spontaneously break when new functionality was added. The data environment was stable and secure, access to information was reliable, and the old problems of some users having inappropriate levels of access had been resolved. Additionally, the customer can now easily generate standardized and ad hoc reports.

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