Business Process Management Software Solutions

InterImage specializes in the design, development and implementation of process-based solutions. We have implemented solutions to meet the technical, functional and operational requirements for a variety of Federal and DoD customers. We have substantial experience implementing solutions using a variety of BPM suites including Metastorm, Lombardi, Handisoft, Documentum and Adobe Livecycle.

Our BPM development processes, procedures and methodologies have been proven and refined, and enable us to deliver highly tailored solutions in reduced timeframes at minimal risk. Our approach utilizes the dynamic, development capabilities of the BPMS to enable active customer participation throughout the design. This ensures the solution aligns to end user needs.

Benefits of our approach include:

  • Iterative development process which delivers functionality in increments, easing adoption and reducing risk
  • Solution architecture that ensures that the solution is scalable, maintainable and expandable
  • Rapid implementation of functionality, reducing development costs
  • Solutions that are readily adopted by end-user organizations and deliver measurable productivity improvement.